Ambulance Services

We provide both Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance services to the citizens in our Ambulance Service Area (ASA). Additional emergency apparatus is available when needed, both from Redmond Fire & Rescue and mutual aid agreements with our surrounding partners.

Current Rates

Ambulance service in Redmond is funded from user fees. When a patient utilizes ambulance services, they are billed for the service. Their payment, or payment from their third-party insurance, funds the ambulance service in our community. Ambulance rates are set by analysis and cost studies periodically. See the Ambulance fee schedule for our current rates.

If You Need Transport

Dial 911. The ambulance is dispatched through the Deschutes County 911 system. An ambulance is dispatched based on the ambulance service area, which is designated by the county.

Transport destinations are based upon your condition at the time of the call, your best interest, the closest appropriate facility, medical direction from the hospital, and lastly, your preference.