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About Redmond Fire & Rescue

Redmond Fire & Rescue is an all-hazards fire and life safety organization providing fire suppression coverage to 133 square miles and ambulance coverage to 294 square miles of Redmond, Cline Falls, Eagle Crest, Terrebonne, and unincorporated Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties. In 2022, the fire district responded to more than 7,100 emergency calls. 

58 career firefighters/paramedics provide a full spectrum of fire and emergency medical service (EMS) responses from four staffed stations. Responses include structural fires, brush fires, aircraft incidents, motor vehicle accidents, high and low-angle rope rescue, ice rescue, swift water rescue, and a wide range of EMS-related incidents. During any given 24-hour period, 16 firefighter/paramedics are on duty to respond to emergency calls from the fire district’s 47,500 residents. 

In addition to providing emergency services, Redmond Fire & Rescue is focused on fostering the relationship between the fire district and the community through public outreach and prevention activities.