What is a Local Option Levy?

A local option levy is a funding option that must be approved by voters. It is a type of tax imposed to fund specific projects, programs, or services. The tax rate is determined based on assessed property values within the Fire District’s taxing authority.

Local option levies can last for up to five years before expiration and then voters must approve a renewal or a new levy. 

Redmond Fire & Rescue is asking voters to consider a five-year local option levy replacement. If passed, the levy would replace the current five-year local option levy that expires in June 2025.

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1. What is a Local Option Levy?
2. Why is Redmond Fire & Rescue asking for this levy?
3. What will you do with the revenue from a passed Local Option Levy?
4. What happens if the Local Option Levy does not pass?
5. What is the impact to property owners?
6. What is the difference between assessed value and market value?
7. Where can I receive more information about the Local Option Levy?